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  • Q: Why do you write a completly new mailer and don't simply take part on the YAM development as YAM is under GPL?

    A: Because when we started developing SimpleMail, YAM wasn't under GPL and no one knew if it ever will be. As we are both students of computer sciences we decided to write our own mailer to gain some practice and that's the reason why we are still developing it on. An other reason is that it would probably be more work to rewrite YAM than to write our own mailer. And last but not least, it's fun to code and to create something new and own.

  • Q: Will SimpleMail be as powerful as YAM?

    A: Yes, SimpleMail will have all the functions that YAM has but less bugs and many new features you have missed.

  • Q: I don't like MUI, will you make a ReAction/ClassAct version?

    A: I think nobody thinks that MUI is perfect but there is a very big variety of public MUI classes that are vital for SimpleMail. However, as SimpleMail is portable concerning platforms it is also portable concerning the GUI so there is a possibility that when SimpleMail isn't alpha/beta anymore that we will provide also a version basing on other GUI systems but that's no promise and we hope that maybe one of you ReAction-Fans could do it when the time arrives?

  • Q: Will you include news support? (NNTP)

    A: Rather not as we think that it is better to make two seperate programs, because adding news would be too much ballast for users that don't want it. Wait for SimpleNews instead. ;)

  • Q: Will you make a version for the AmigaDE?

    A: Yes we hope so.

  • Q: Will there be a port for Windows/MacOS/QNX/Linux/#? ?

    A: We think that the sourcecode of SimpleMail is quite portable and so it should be no problem to port it. But we cannot do everything so when SimpleMail has left the alpha/beta stage, feel free to contact us if you want to port it to your favorite platform.

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